Thursday, October 04, 2012

But wait! There's more!

I forgot one of the best parts of my post last Thursday.  I was in a hurry to get finished and catch the bus to work.  When I sat down at the bus and looked down at the bag I was carrying, I realized:  "Oh poot!  I forgot to talk about this!"

You see, when I bought those Stations pics, I also bought several other items, including two Fulton Sheen tapesets.  With all the pics and the large tapesets, the cashier was trying to figure out the best way to bag it all up, because the pics were probably going to just tear through the bags.  She wanted to give me a box, but I was on the bike, so that wouldn't work.  (I have almost no fear of buying lots of stuff when I'm on the bike.  I'll make it work.)

She thought for a couple of minutes, then went over to the wall where they have tote bags and purses.  She took a couple of sturdy bags off the wall, tore the tags off them, said "You can have these!" and then packed up all my stuff.

And it worked perfectly!  So I got all those cool pics, a bunch of other stuff, a good sturdy bag to use to carry stuff to work, and another one to sell because I don't need two of them.

Not bad.

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Lynn said...

Free is always good and I have a feeling since you were buying religious stuff your cashier had a soft spot for you!!