Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Rambles

Brrr....chilly temps have moved in.  It's Fall at it's most lovely fallishness!  I love it! Yes, I do.

Haven't been hitting too many sales lately or thrifts either.  I'm awash in junk and desperately trying to get organized and ready to shift into Christmas mode later this week.  The five extra hours I was able to add to my work schedule is having an impact on my junk schedule, and I have yet to fully adjust.  It'll come in time, but I need to be more settled right now than I currently am.

I did go to the Fall Book Sale held by the library this weekend.  Of course, I went on Sunday, which was box day.  It was very odd this time.  For starters, there were about a third fewer books than normal, and less than a quarter of the normal Sunday crowd.  Not sure what that was about.

Then there was the organization of the books, or lack thereof.  Typically, everything is laid out Dewey Decimal style, which makes it very easy for me to hit topics that sell well for me (like Religion and History), avoid ones that will make me buy too much for my own use (like Mystery), and ignore everything else.  This time, however, there were a couple of tables of children's books, tables for Mystery, Sci Fi, and Romance, half a table of Biography, a couple tables of General Fiction, and everything else was dumped on a half dozen tables marked "Unsorted" or "Mixed."

I've never seen anything like it at this sale before.  I had to slog through everything to find useable books.  I still came up with my usual three boxes, but it was a lot more work than normal.  I wasn't really happy about that, for sure.  I'm kind of guessing (and hoping) that the act of condensing stock as things sold led to the creation of these jumbled tables.  I hope it's not the wave of the future.

Speaking of books, I've been re-reading some of the John Carter, Warlord of Mars books by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  There were some volumes of the series in a batch of books I bought a little while ago, and I decided to run through them before selling.  It's kind of like being 12 again.  I am enjoying them, although the almost 48 year old me is noticing things that the 12 year old me would have been oblivious too, like the overall datedness of the series, the stilted language and the repetitive nature of the stories.  It's been good as a lark, but I don't think I could do a steady diet of it any more.

I'm crazy busy this week, but I do have posts lined up.  They're a bit lighter than usual, but I'm laying the groundwork for an event of immense personal importance.  You'll understand what I mean tomorrow.

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