Saturday, October 06, 2012

Spooky Special: Danse Macabre

One of my favorite pieces of orchestral music is Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens.  It's one of those melodies that will pop into my head from time to time in a quiet moment.  I find it to be haunting and evocative, yet playful and fun at the same time.

Since October is the month for haunts and treats, I thought it would be cool to share with you all some of the ways different video makers have visualized this piece.  If you're a skeleton lover like me, you're in for a real treat!

I'll do one of these every Saturday, but if you want to see more, do a search on YouTube for "Danse Macabre."  There are several other vids out there.  For the first one, I'm going with one that could be subtitled "Skeletor Macarena."

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