Wednesday, October 03, 2012

September Sales

Well, September is certainly the month I've been waiting for all summer!  Cooler temps and better sales!  The fall bounce has begun!

I didn't exactly set sale records, mind you, but they were up at both sites compared to previous months.  After a long, hot, somewhat discouraging August, that was most welcome.

At YesterNook, I was really surprised by some unexpected furniture sales. I'm talking pieces that had been there pretty much since the store opened.  And they are gone and I am happy.  I haven't been looking for furniture too much of late, because it just doesn't sell that well for me, but now I can keep an eye out for a couple of good pieces.

Meanwhile, at the Peddlers Mall, it was all about books, comics, religious items, and, of course, Halloween!  The killer Halloween display created a most welcome end of the month bump, and all indications seem to be that it will keep bumping for a few weeks yet. I've already sold all my tombstones, lots of the make up and fake blood, many of the party favors, but not that many skulls.

What it all adds up to this go around is a couple of good checks and one very happy vendor!  Let's see how it plays out for this month!

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Lynn said...

You and I both know that Halloween stuff will always sell! Nice going!