Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Goals for 2013 (Short Term)

Okay, I'm not really writing this on January 1, 2013.  Let me get that little bit of truth in advertising over with first.

With any luck, I'm sitting up in a hospital bed, so hopped up on pain meds that I don't know my own name, much less that it's a brand new year.  With a little more luck, Nigel and Sixtus are gone, everything under the lump was clean and clear, and I don't have bits of my butt grafted on my neck in their place.  If I do end up having all that much luck, then I'm certainly not going to be in any shape to write a blog post.

However, I'm not the only person who finds himself in a state of dubious consciousness on the first day of the new year, which means that I really don't have that much of an excuse for not blogging.  I don't believe that any of those revelers in Times Square are waking up this morning and wondering if they have bits of buttock on their neck, though.

Usually during the first week of the year, I like to think about recaps of the previous year and then setting some goals for the new one.  I don't always get around to blogging those thoughts, but I do try.  Given my current hospitalized and medicated condition, I kind of have a tunnel vision thing going on.  2012 was the year I found out I had cancer and my goal right now is to get out of the hospital and get healthy.  That'll have to do for the moment.

Once I'm back in the saddle (sometime before the end of the month), I'll write a little more about the year that was and what I would like to get done in the year to come.  How does that sound?

By the way, I'd like to say "thanks" to all of you all who have expressed concern and support to me, either in comments or by private message.  I've tried to be low key and nonchalant about this whole damn thing, because the alternative was to drive myself and those around me nuts.  I hope that hasn't made it seem like I don't appreciate all of your support, because I really, really do.  I've read many of those messages several times over.  Thanks for being a part of my life, folks.  I'm truly lucky in that regard. 


Roger Owen Green said...

Continued good thoughts to you.

Chace Thibodeaux said...

Good luck with everything, man!

Unknown said...

I'm a new reader of your blog. I know this is an older post, but I had to comment, as it brought back memories. I remember when I had my final skin cancer surgery, they told me they were going to graft skin from my bum onto my face. I said no way, I don't want my bum on my face! Now I have a huge scraped area on my inside arm instead. I can deal with that. ;-)