Wednesday, May 15, 2013

(Anti-)Ode to the Bricks

A Fuck Cancer Poem Which I Have Wrote
By Michael Edward Mitchell, Age 48


Go Away!

Come again another day!
(Or even better, don't ever come back again!)

Little Eddie

Wants to Play!

Well, actually Little Eddie ain't so little and he needs to get to work,
but then he'd like to:

Work at the Booths
Price and Pack Stuff
Go to Yard Sales
Eat Out
Do Work at the House
Do Work in the Yard
Love on that Kosh
Maybe Take a Walk


The bricks are still in the way, though. 

Shoo, bricks, shoo!


Roger Owen Green said...

BAD bricks!

Shara said...

A poem by Shara: Age undisclosed

Cancer sucks,
Bricks suck,
Eddie does not suck.

The end.