Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Rambles

For all the trouble I had chemo week, last week has turned out to be the best "first week after chemo" I've had yet.  Keith thinks the nausea pills might be a part of that.  I'm down to taking one every now and then, when needed, as opposed to every four hours like clockwork.

The nausea pills don't help with the bricks, of course, but they've been manageable bricks, for the most part, instead of excessive bricks.  This is a trend I hope will continue for this week.  I got a lot of stuff done last week for the booths, and this weekend is JUNK SET-OUT!  Free stuff just sitting everywhere for the picking!  I have to be well for that.

Good news!  I found my camera!  It was on the floor beside my desk for some reason, under a bag of stuff that was waiting to get priced.  I have got to get organized.  I swear!  This means no more crappy cell phone pics.  My phone does okay, usually, but it's cranky and I haven't mastered the art of massaging a consistently good pic out of it yet.

It's bike riding weather and that makes me a little sad.  I see all these folks on theirs and I wish I could ride mine.  I'm afraid I don't have the energy for it, just yet.  I took an intentional short walk the other day.  I did okay for the whole walk, but crashed soon after getting home.  Not quite ready for bike-riding to work yet.  I don't want to go the whole summer without riding, but I may have to.  Sad face.

Yard saling this weekend was so good that I have decided to go against my usual grain and do a special post about it.  Look for it tomorrow.  The most awesome thing is that I loaded up on booth stuff and never got halfway through the planned list.  I love it when things go like that!

May has started out well as far as booth sales go.  I moved a cabinet at Peddlers Mall on Friday.  Thanks to Saturday's yard saling, I had a good load of large items to take to both booths.  I ended up making an impromptu booth run on Sunday.  Fingers crossed for good sales!

I'm still doing a lot of "drive by" quickie posts to take my mind off things.  I should have stuff up all week, so keep checking in.  I've been working bit by bit on some longer essays, which should be ready soon.

I have a slightly busier week than normal.  The end of the year at work is next week, so there's a lot to do there.  I also have to get a chest X-ray on Tuesday, just to make sure this cough I've had since the chemo started is not anything serious.   Wednesday, I'm filling in for a colleague, so I've got an extra class.  I just hope that the bricks stay out of my way through all this.

This Friday starts the most wonderful time of the whole Spring.  It's junk set out in our neighborhood.  People are already jumping the gun.  Piles are springing up everywhere, but early piles usually aren't that good.  I've got to stay well, because I've got to get out crap ready to set out, then get ready to pick!  It's like Christmas for junkers!  I'll let you know what I find.  It's going to be tricky, as there are intermittent rain showers forecast all week.  True junkers love the challenge!

Talk to you all later.  Take care!

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