Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Chemo Scoreboard

Three Down!
I look a little grumpy in this one.
Three to go!

Not sure what to say here.  Maybe:

Am I halfway through already?  

Or should it be:

Am I really only halfway through?

Sometimes it's the one.  Sometimes it's the other.  Ask me again in five minutes.  I'm sure it'll change.


I have very hard veins to find.  I always dread having a blood draw, because it usually takes a nurse and two lab techs poking all over my arm to find a vein.  It's kind of fun with chemo, too.  Yesterday, the brought out this machine to find a vein.  It casts a green light that somehow makes the veins show up.  All they have to do is pick one and aim for it.  Here it is in action:




We are: Clamco said...

You don't look grumpy. You look great. :)
And whoever invented the vein finder gizmo is a genius.

Roger Owen Green said...

Well, at least we know Carly Simon wasn't writing about you when she sang "You're So Vein." Very sorry.

Leanne said...

I will mention this vein finder machine the next time I get blood work done. My veins are buried deep and roll a lot. I feel your pain - hate it when they dig around in there!

Hope you are feeling better after round 4!