Friday, May 03, 2013

Blog Therapy #1

I'm writing this last Saturday in anticipation of a bad chemo reaction, which the signs from my April chemo seem to indicate.  I'm finding that keeping the blog up while I'm doing this is really helping my mental state, so I'm doing a bit of stockpiling.

While I was doing the "Things I Like" post, I ran across a couple of pics that I saved to use for another day.  Here's the first:

Wonder Woman #1 from Summer, 1942.  I wasn't around when this baby was first published, but I had an oversized reprint edition from the 1970's.  I remember taking it with me on one of our family car trips from Texas (where my dad was stationed) to Kentucky to visit my grandparents.  I think I read the thing dozens of times on that trip.  My brother and I each had a paper grocery bag in the backseat.  Mom told us to put whatever we wanted to take on the trip for purposes of trip entertainment in the bag.  I don't recall what else was in my bag, but I remember Wonder Woman. 

I think it may have been this comic that cemented my lifelong love of the character.

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Roger Owen Green said...

feel better soon.