Thursday, June 27, 2013

Awesome Stuff You Never Knew Existed

Or maybe:  Awesome Stuff You've Known About for Years!

Or possibly:  Stuff That You Don't Really Think Is All That Awesome Whether or Not You Knew About It!

How am I to know?  Pick your category, people.  Me?  I'm going with the first one, because I thought it was pretty cool.  Then again, I am easily amused.

I am so totally in love with this mini shopping cart that is made out of metal (not plastic)!

True Confession Time:  I knew these existed.  I sold one in the early days of the booth and have been looking for another one ever since.  Didn't have much luck until a couple of weeks ago.


Lynn said...

OMG, Eddie, if I had only known you wanted one of these! I think I donated it on one of our 15 moves. It is cute though - I'll keep my eyes out for one!

Shara said...

I have one of these on my desk to hold my remote for the TV. I love anything Grocery Store related. Have you seen this? That is on my wishlist now.