Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Linking Around

I haven't done a link post in ages.  Not sure why that is, so I thought I would rectify that and do a post of a bunch of quick shots and links.

When I was a kid, I had a collection of pennants from states that we had visited in our travels.  For the life of me, I don't know whatever happened to it.  Luckily, Magpie Ethel knows where hers are.  Mine were in the style of the Texas and Oklahoma pennants in one of her pics.

Congratulations to Days of Our Lives for winning "Best Show" at the Daytime Emmys!  I guess I really do need to finish those Days posts I've been working on.

I thought this was funny.

You all know how I feel about cancer.  It's not so hot for other people either.  Please show Heidi and her family some love.  They need it.  I should warn you that this is a three hanky link.

Fear the thrift horrors!  God knows, you see a lot of this kind of stuff when you're junking.  An awful lot.  Heck, you sometimes see a lot of it in other booths in your vendor mall.  Flee!

Curious about what you can send via media mail?  Ignore their really poor understanding of comic books and graphic novels.  That link comes courtesy of the fine folks at Yard Sale Queen.

Speaking of thrifts (and I do have a long post about thrifting planned for next week), did you know you can get your junk on even when you're not on your home turf, thanks to ThriftShopper?  I've used it more than a few times and found it to be pretty accurate and helpful.

Roger writes about writing.  I've always admired him for his ability to turn out thoughtful posts day after day after day.  His thoughts about excuses people use not to write are interesting.  Wonder where chemo-induced fatigue and nausea come in on that list?

That was kind of fun.  I need to make a point of doing that again sometime!


Roger Owen Green said...

I think chemo is a GREAT excuse for not writing! Those other ones, not so much.

Unknown said...

Aw, Eddie, you dear! Thank so much for the love. It means a lot!