Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The word from Mama Eddie!

Take it from your melanoma surviving junk-blogger here:  Do what the hunky guy in the pic is doing and put on LOTS of sunscreen when you go out this summer.

I'm especially looking at you, fellow junkers.  We get in and out of the car so much on a typical Saturday run that we don't realize how much sun exposure we get standing in front yards that don't have any tree cover. 

A big, floppy hat is also advisable.

Here are some links to sunscreen info that also include links to more info about skin protection and skin cancer prevention:

Consumer Reports
American Academy of Dermatology

I'll have a relationship with a dermatologist for the rest of my life.  You don't have to.  Protect yourself.


Roger Owen Green said...

I totally agree. Of COURSE, I HAVE to with the vitilago.

Lynn said...

Thanks for reminding us. My Dad had skin cancer, not melanoma though, so I am a sunscreen user.

I take it you are feeling better? I certainly hope so!!