Saturday, January 25, 2014

Single Digit Blues

I got the single digit blues!
My toes done froze in my shoes!
Not sure I can make it through
These damn single digit blues!

I think it's safe to say that I am over winter.  I know there are parts of the country that are even more deep frozen than we are, and I feel for them and hope that my friends who live there stay safe and warm as possible.

This is the worst winter we've had in a while.  I'm really glad that I did not have to put up with this last year at this time.  The radiation, surgery recovery, and pending chemo was enough to deal with!  I feel such empathy for anyone who has to get out in this right now to go through some of those treatments.

Even worse than the cold (for me) is the difficulty I'm having getting motivated through all this.  I dread getting ready to go to work each day.  Every time I do have a day that gets cancelled, I get encouraged to think that they'll all get cancelled.  When that doesn't happen, I get sullen and pouty nd even more unmotivated.  Single digit blues, indeed.

For anyone I know who is lucky enough to live where you have temperatures above freezing, take advantage of the opportunity:  live, go out, enjoy, shop, do things.  And think a kind thought or two for the rest of us, okay?

In the meantime, I guess I'll keep singing the blues.  The single digit blues.

I got the single digit blues!
Just wanna stay home and snooze!
That's the way to make it through
These low-down, no-good, single digit blues!


We are: Clamco said...

The cold un-motivates me as well. I just want to huddle under a blanket and hibernate until winter is over. That's why I moved south because I just hate being cold. Unfortunately this year there's no escape, even in the south. What a mess in Texas yesterday. We had a little snow and sleet here in Alabama, but nothing like that. What a crazy winter!

New York Erratic said...

It was recently -37 where I live. It's never too cold, it's how you dress. I look like a little Eskimo.

Double up on socks for a few days, lots of layers, block the wind and you'll be more comfortable (and more motivate!)

Also make sure you sit by a window when it's sunny and try to keep the lights on as much as possible. Sometimes when you think it's the cold getting you down it's really the dark.

Roger Owen Green said...

was that you on the harmonica on the Single Digit Blues? Nice playing!

svelteSTUFF said...

I hear ya!!
I am SOOO over this C.O.L.D.!!

Judy said...

Oh how I sympathize with you. I am so totally unmotivated it's pitiful. Sitting, sitting and more sitting is about it for me. Bored and lazy. Just too cold to do anything I don't have to do. Here's hoping for warmer weather. 12 degrees here with a below zero wind chill. Stay warm, Eddie!