Sunday, August 07, 2005


Life as I Live It

So I'm pouring my typical Sunday morning bowl of cereal, when I open the fridge and realize that there's a reason I've been having creamer in my coffee this weekend. I'm out of freaking milk!

Of course, the deed is done and there's nothing to do now, but throw on some clothes, grab a couple of bucks and trot to the convenience store across the street. (When we looked at our house, the realtor's listing said "convenient to shopping." Which I guess actually realtor-speak for "convenience store across the street.") Of course, I end up buying a pint of milk for the price of a half-gallon at the super-market, but, hey, that cereal was waiting!

Of course, the real victim in this story is our poor kitty, Basil, who always gets the last spoonful of milk out of the bowl. She always comes running when she hears the cereal pouring, and it really threw her for a loop when I started cursing and throwing on clothes. When I left the house, she was sitting in ther kitchen with the most confused look on her face.

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