Friday, August 19, 2005

That and This

Roger Green brings the sad news of Vassar Clements’ death. Another fine musician gone. Sigh!
Playlist for the Week

Caitlin Cary/Thad Cockrell—Begonias

Kasey Chambers—The Captain
Steve Earle—Train a’ Comin’
Tom the Dog’s Mixed Bag CD

Good Tastin’ Music—A six buck sampler from Blue Note and Manhattan Records available only at Barnes and Noble. You’ve got to suffer through the ubiquitous Norah Jones*, but hearing Mavis Staples sing with Dr John more than makes up for that.

Kasey Chambers--Barricades and Brick Walls
Thom Gladhill’s Mixed Bag CD

*Doing a John Prine cover yet! I admit, she usually shows strong taste in the songwriters she picks to cover, but there’s just something about her delivery that doesn’t click with me.
Thoughts on Viewing the “Graphic Novel” Section of a Local Borders the Other Day

I wonder how much longer it will be before manga starts showing up on remainder tables?

Is it wrong of me to hope that those CLAMP boxed sets of books and chess pieces eventually get remaindered?

It defeats the purpose of printing things like Araña and Strangers in Paradise in digest-size (I refuse to call it “manga-size”) if they don’t get shelved with the manga. I’m betting that not many of the manga kids are exploring any other further than the four (!) bookshelves of manga.

I’ve owned the boxed set of the Nausicaä manga (what Viz used to call “perfect collections”) for years—but, damn! Those larger versions Viz is now putting out look really sharp!

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