Thursday, August 18, 2005

That and This

Happiness Is…

….Noticing that your “thin pants” are starting to sag.

….When the quarterly meeting of the committee from Hell--the meeting you dread, with the committee you dislike, that you can’t avoid because you’re the chair, with the one or two uncontrollably obnoxious personalities—actually goes well and is surprisingly productive.


You Know You Saw a Damn Good Concert Friday Night When…

….It’s Wednesday and you’re still thinking about it and talking about it.

…You haven’t stopped playing the artist’s CD’s.

…You keep bursting into snippets of songs from the concert.

…If it weren’t for your Friday a.m. doctor appointment, you’d be heading to Northern Kentucky tomorrow night to see this performer again!


Comics Reporter has links to news of a new Bill Mauldin book. It doesn't look to me like it's going to be widely available to the general public, though. I’m another prospective reader for the non-existent, comprehensive Mauldin collection Spurgeon would like to see.

Steven Grant spends Permanent Damage this week plugging a bunch of blogs. Looks like I’ll be doing some exploring this weekend. Between Grant’s article and this post at Crisis/Boring Change (link courtesy of Cognitive Dissonance), I'm reminded yet again how many good blogs there are out there that I've not found my way to yet.

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