Friday, August 05, 2005



Here’s what’s been rotating through my CD players recently:

Roger Green’s Mixed Bag CD
Scott Morrison’s Mixed Bag CD
Casey Stratton—Standing Along the Edge
Emmylou Harris—Brand New Dance
Kate Campbell—The Portable Kate Campbell
Hundred Acre Wood—Xylophagous
Zoe Speaks—Pearl
NKOTB—Face the Music*
Mary McCaslin—Broken Promises
Freedy Johnston—This Perfect World
Ten Months Later—Sadie Hawkins Dance

*Don’t laugh! If you found the New Kids on the Block comeback CD from the mid-90’s for only 50 cents, morbid curiosity would compel you to buy it too! Be honest with yourself! Yes, it’s every bit as bad as you would expect a New Kids on the Block comeback CD from the mid-90’s to be. It sounds like nothing more than a desperate attempt to revive a career that died a pretty definitive death several years earlier. If they had only waited another couple of years, they could have hitched onto the N’SYNC/BSB wave and created the 80’s boy band nostalgia revival craze!

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Brent said...


This may seem weird, but i stumbled on your blog searching for the cd "Xylophagous" by 100 Acre Wood. I am a fan of the band 100 Acre Wood and Digby and I have been looking for someone that has a CD copy of "Xylophagous." I was wondering if somehow I could get a cd-r copy of this cd or if you know of someplace to buy an actual copy. I will provide my email if you want to work something out.


-Brent (