Saturday, August 20, 2005

Why Do I Like My Comics Shop So Much?

1. Even though I usually only make it in one or two times a month, most of the staff know me by name, and some of them do by comic taste.

2. A couple of weeks ago, I got a personal phone call from one of the managers letting me know about the specials they were having in August. I'm pretty sure all the customers with hold files got one, but it was a nice touch. She even tied some of the specials to my regular habits. "I know you buy a lot of graphic novels. Well, on Wednesdays this month, they're going to be 20% off."

3. Today, everything in the store was 20% off, so we stopped by. My hold file was pretty slim, since I did a couple of large pick ups earlier. The same manager told me that she was sorry that she hadn't called and told me about the sale today before I had come and picked up the other stuff, which I thought was really nice. After all, my file had gotten pretty full while Dad was sick.

4. Keith likes to shop there, too. True, he's there to look at the CD's on the music side of the store, but it is the only one of the four shops in town that he'll visit with me. The staff don't know him by name, but they do recognize that we are together.

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