Saturday, August 13, 2005

This and That

A couple of quick things that I wanted to mention before they got to be too old:

RIP Miss Ellie. I was such a Dallas fan back in the day. It was the first post-prime time show my mom would let me watch and probably set up for a lifetime of being hooked on cheesy melodrama. I got an A on my final in a speech and drama class in high school for re-writing "Who Shot JR?" as a parody based on the class.

Belated RIP Ibrahim Ferrer. He was simply an incredible musician. My hands down favorire of all the performers in Buena Vista Social Club is Omara Portuondo, but Ferrer is a close second.

When punk rock meets alt-comix. A Ramones box set with comix stories from Jim Woodring and Mary Fleener (among others)? I am so there.

Playlist for the Week:

I picked up a couple of new discs that didn't want to leave the player, so this week's list is shorter than normal.

Heartaches and Highways: The Best of Emmylou Harris
Paradise Hotel--Eliza Gilkyson
Papillion--The Latest In Radio Compilation

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Roger Owen Green said...

Emmylou was in town last week, didn't make it, unfortunately. Oh, a depressing song from the album you cited that sometimes makes my list? Down So Low. Practically suicide-inducing.