Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Lot of This and A Little of That

Why have I not been reading BeaucoupKevin on a regular basis? Thanks to Lyle at Crocodile Caucus for helping me rectify this oversight.

Yet Another Comics Blog is also doing a contest right now. The week's half over, but there are still some chances to win. Thanks to Lefty’s Corner for pointing that out to me, and also making me aware that Dave is also now doing Yet Another Music Blog and Yet Another Music Radio.

Augie De Blieck did his Previews run through yesterday in his Pipeline column. I don't know why, but I really like reading what other folks have to say about Previews each month, especially when they have to come at it from a totally different perspective than I do.

Observation: I really need to make a blogroll of some kind. Maybe this weekend....


Roger Owen Green said...

Gordon has a link to your blog and to mine. This is interesting, the second time this week that we've both been picked up by another blogger.

EM said...

We've got to stop meeting like that! People will talk! :-)