Monday, August 15, 2005

More of This and a Little of That

This is the reason I like to start my day with Postmodern Barney.

Comics Worth Reading has comments on the August Previews up. I just finished my order last night. It’s going to be a small one this time. The Mike Allred issue of Solo is a given for me, and I’m really psyched about getting Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne in English. I’m nuts enough about magical girls manga to begin with, but the overlay of the Joan of Arc legends just adds to the appeal. I’m glad to see DC/CMX devoting some attention to works that have had a following, but not been available in English.

Also, I’m getting the first issue of Paris, simply because I cannot imagine two more disparate styles than Simon Gane’s and Andi Watson’s. Most alternative cartoonists have such distinct “voices” to their writing that it sometimes seems strange to me to “hear” those voices coming out of someone else’s art! (It took a while to get used to it in the first Bizarro volume from DC.) The preview at the SLG site reads very much like a Watson comic, but looks so totally Gane, even though he's tidied up his style a bit to make it fit the story better. I like what I've read online, and it looks like this is a collaboration that just might work.

While I think it’s cool that NBM will be publishing new Omaha the Cat Dancer collections, I already have several of the old Kitchen Sink books, including the first one. I’ll be picking up the ones I don’t have when they come out, but I’ll be letting the first one go by, I guess. I can’t recommend it highly enough, though. It’s literate, witty, sexy, and sensual, with great characters and lots of action and suspense. CAUTION: Link is not work-friendly.

Likewise, I’ve got the hardcover edition of Beg the Question, but would recommend the new softcover edition very highly. Sex, love, and relationships in the big city with two typically fucked-up people. What’s not to like? Seriously, this book is an engrossing journey with two protagonists that manage to be likeable, annoying, and frustrating all at the same time. I loved it!

And the latest Books of Magic series is ending with #15. That one didn’t last any longer than its predecessor did, and neither of them made it near as long as the original series. Personally, I think Vertigo/DC should lay off the character for a while. With the demise of this title, there are now no monthly books on my pull list. A moment of silence, please.

Lefty Brown is having a contest. So is Greg Burgas. You'll have to hurry if you want to enter Lefty's.

Revealed at last! The secret origin of John Roberts!

Have you heard the Super F*ckers theme song yet?


Signs You’re Going to Have A Crappy Monday

You wake up at 3 a.m. and can’t go back to sleep.
Your Palm Pilot is dead.
You can’t get the keyboard drawer on your computer desk to go back in its place.
Your internet connection is down.
You spend the first two hours at work in a meeting with your boss.

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