Thursday, August 11, 2005

Letting It All Out


Roger Green at Rambling with Roger
put up an eloquent post yesterday, the fifth anniversary of his father's death, telling about his dad's illness and death. Roger's been really kind to me lately, sending encouraging emails, leaving comments, making sure that I'm okay. I've really appreciated it.

Sometime ago, I wrote a few posts about Dad's illness and funeral, but ended up setting them aside for editing. I've had a hard time convincing myself to work on them any more, so they've just sat.

I'm starting to feel now like it's time to finish them and post them. Roger has reminded me of the power of sharing our stories, both in terms of the catharsis it can bring the storyteller and the comforting touch it can bring to the reader.

I don't pretend that I've got any great insights to share, or even that I'm particularly eloquent. I'm just going to share, over the course of two or three posts, some thoughts about some of the things that happened between April 11 and June 6 of 2005.

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