Friday, August 05, 2005

Whatever happened to? (Or did I imagine just all this?)


Some things I remember reading about (or hearing about at a con) a few years ago, but never seeing. Anyone know what happened? Did they happen and I missed them? Did they get cancelled? Did I hallucinate?

Image was going to reprint Eric Shanower’s Oz gn’s in a graphic album format.

Jeff Smith was going to be doing Shazam.

Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie were finishing Lost Girls and Top Shelf was going to publish it.

Ivan Velez was going to finally finish Tales of the Closet and there was going to be a collection of the whole story. (At least it's still listed as 'coming soon" on Velez' page.)

Leave It to Chance was being reprinted in album format.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Re: Oz - Don't know if this will help: