Thursday, March 15, 2012

February Sales Break Down

I just realized that I hadn't done an analysis of last month's sales!  Usually, I start a draft at the beginning of the month, so I can have it done in a couple of days, but this time I totally forgot!  Which is really odd, given that February was a record-setting month for both sites!

At YesterNook, I had a big upswing in smalls and furniture, with some large things selling within a week of being set out.  It definitely caught me off guard.  Yet, in the midst of that, I still managed to have several days of less than ten dollar sales and a couple of no sale days.  That still frustrates me.  I don't like the feeling of having to pin my hopes on a large ticket item to pull a whole month together. 

I'm having to admit that this market is harder to crack than I thought it would be.  I just don't have the handle on my customer base that I want to.  I did bring in a lot more books to my booth there, and they seem to be selling well, so maybe I am on to something.  I don't want to sound like I'm upset about a good month, because I'm definitely not, but I like to think about things analytically, and this place just defies analysis.

Over at my other booth, things just exploded!  I was putting out four tubs of stuff at a time for a while.  I've had massive runs on books comics, CD's, Disney, Warner Brothers characters, you name it.  Not only has keeping the stock up been just about impossible, so has keeping the place neat!  But that's the kind of challenge I like, so I'll keep taking it on!

I almost broke the elusive four digit total sales record there, but didn't quite pull it out.  Still, it's exciting to be that close!

Sorry this one isn't as detailed as past reports have been, but I've pretty much filed away the reports and stuff, so I'm working from memory.  I'll try to remember to get right on this next month, while the info is still fresh.

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