Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Can One Dollar Get You?

Since Kosh had a vet appointment Saturday, we only had time to make it to one church sale, and we didn't get there until the last twenty minutes or so.  As we walked in, some guy was announcing it was "Fill a bag for a dollar" time!  In other words, we were just in time!

 Unfortunately, the place was also overrun with little old church ladies packing leftovers at light speed, which made filling a bag a little bit of a challenge.  Nonetheless, I managed to do it!  If I had a few more minutes and a few less church ladies, I probably could have gotten another one.

It's kind of hard under these kinds of circumstances to be very discriminating in your choices, but I got some decent stuff.  Nothing truly spectacular, I'll admit, but everything is sellable, and I'll make a lot more than that dollar back, so all is good.

So, what does one dollar get you?  Take a look:

(I decided to do this kind of spur of the moment while I was going through the bag, so some stuff hasn't been cleaned up for resale yet.  You'll also need to pardon the messy desk in the background.  It's kind of the dumping ares for everything these days!)

Five pieces of stone fruit and a pig in a dress

Three coffee cups, an IU bowl, and a juice glass

Sweet boy and girl pics

Two metal candelabras and  a votive holder with lots of petals

An Avon decanter, a shot glass, and a set of Opryland salt and pepper shakers

One 1918 calendar plate

And, last, but certainly not least--one happy chicken puppet!

Like I said, not spectacular, but you can't beat it for a buck.  And you know what they say:

"Quickie yard sale shopping is better than no yard sale shopping at all!"


hangin said...

Hey Mister! I'll give you a buck for that happy chicken puppet. There's a bad cat that hangs around here who would love that.

EM said...

You know the rules. Chiquito cannot have the merchadise!