Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Rambles

The weather turned positively lovely last week.  All bright and sunshiney.  Put me in a good mood all week, let me tell you.  And then, toward the end of the week, we had lots of thunder rumbles and tornado scares.  We missed most of it here, but folks to the north and east were not so lucky.  And then, last night, we got three inches of snow dumped on us, and it's spent most of the day rapidly melting away in prep for 60's (!) tomorrow.  Ah....Spring in Kentucky.  March has definitely roared in like a lion--a lion with multiple personalities!

I also had a chance to thrift just about every day last week.  Through that, I was able to pull a small load together for a re-stock, without dipping into my dwindling reserve.  There are three (!) major indoor sales scheduled for Saturday, so it looks like the long winter is over!  One of the sales is one of my favorites, as well.  Last year, it was down a bit, as were most all the sales that followed.  I'm hoping that it's back to true form this year and serves as a good omen for things to come!

I went to one sale this past weekend.  It was another of my favorite indoor sales.  It was down a little bit, but I walked out with a good box full of stuff.  But it has changed a bit.  In the past, nothing was priced.  I'd fill up a box, take it to the cashier and they would say "How about a dollar?"  Not so this year.  It was all priced and they made sure to total it all up.  Ah, for the good old days!

There have been shake ups at my favorite thrift.   I hadn't been to their downtown store in a while, but I'm working near there right now, so I got to stop in.  My favorite cashier of all time has been moved from there to another store.  She's been replaced by the former manager of the downtown store who has been bumped down and replaced by the person who used to be in charge of the donation room at the store nearest my house.  I think it will be a good change, honestly.

I had strong sales in the early part of the week at both sites, then managed to end the month with my lowest day ever.  Seriously.  How low was it?  Try 42 cents!  That's right I said forty-two cents.  Oh the vagaries of this business!  Actually, it was a 10.42 day, but that's the day they take out this stupid 10 dollar fee the city the mall is in charges, so it turned into a .42 day after that.  Grrrr.

Still March has started off pretty good at both sites.  And. even with a 42 cent day, I had the best sales month for both sites that I've ever had.  So, I'm happy.  Still can't crack that elusive four figure total sales though.  Have to work harder at that.  Oh, and my rent went down at the Peddlers Mall by 30 bucks!  I'll take it!

Happy birthday this week to Roger Green and Gordon Dymowski--nice guys both!

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