Thursday, March 08, 2012

Nothing Much to Say...

Don't really have anything to blog about at this moment in time, so I'll just point a couple of things out.

First, I'm not sure what happened with the Maru video I posted last week, but something glitched there.  I didn't notice it until a couple of days ago, but I did fix it.  Go back and check it out.  It's so cute it'll make your teeth hurt.

Second, I'm working in an awful hurry these days and using several different computers to boot, so it seems like more errors are creeping in past my proofing.  I do apologize.  As I catch them, I fix them, no matter how old the posts are.

I guess it is a bit ironic to do a post about the importance of proofing under those conditions, huh?  Irony, thy name is EDDIE!

See you around!

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