Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Rambles

Last week seemed to go on forever!  I started off tired from the weekend and just never caught up.  Everything seemed to just draaaaaaaaaaag ooooooonnnnn aaaaaannnddd ooooonnnn....

Chiquito caught a mouse the other day.  That's one of the joys of being a cat owner--trying to rescue small furry mammals.  I thought he had a toy, and then I realized we don't have any cat toys that are that realistic.  I got it away from him about the time Kosh noticed and was trying to take it away from him.  We don't need any cat fights over mice in this house, for sure.  I think it was still alive, so I put it outside to escape.  Poor thing.  Maybe he'll take the story of his encounter back to his friends and they'll give our house wide berth for a while.

The weather, except for the snowy Monday I mentioned last week, was quite nice all week.  I didn't even mind the rain on Thursday.  Okay, I minded it a little, but it was still warm.  Too bad I can only ride the bike on Wednesdays.

My WTF thrifting moment of the week:  There's a stack of Shonen Jump manga at one branch of my fave thrift.  I got all excited when I saw it, because this is a regular strong seller for me.  Then, I saw the price: $3.50 each!  Are you kidding me??  So later in the week, when I saw another stack of them at a different branch of the thrift, I was slightly less upbeat.  But these were .50 each!  So of course, I bought them all.  It's not the first time I've seen such a pricing inconsistency between two branches of the same store, but it does boggle the mind.

However, I was in the downtown branch of this thrift last Thursday, when I saw them hauling out another bunch of AnnaLee mice.  Apparently, these got missed during the large batch they put out at all three stores last month.  And they were pricing them really well.  And they were calling people who had left numbers in case they got any more.  So I hopped right over there and, while remaining very polite and staying out of the way of the workers, grabbed a bunch for me.  Timing is everything in this business!

Finally had a decent score over the weekend.  With four indoor sales, it was kind of hard to go wrong, but it has been known to happen.  My goal was four good boxes of stuff, and I ended up with six, so I think it can be called a success.  Among my finds:  a green enamelware pot with lid, four darling vintage wooden egg cups with faces painted on them, and a huge mound of 60's and 70's karate and kung fu magazines.

One of the sales we went to was held at a fire department.  When we went in, I was commenting on how odd it was to have a sale at a firehouse when there is a community center next door.  Then we walked into a room full of sellers and tables piled with stuff.   And then we walked into another room full of sellers and tables piled with stuff.  And then we walked into another room full of sellers and tables piled with stuff!  I do not know how I've managed to miss this one over the years, but it is now on my list for sure!

Oh yeah, I encountered the Nemesis at the first sale I went to.  She's been popping up a lot lately.  More on that tomorrow.

Of course, having bought several boxes of stuff means that now I must sort, clean and price it all.  Sigh!  I guess there are worse fates!

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