Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Rambles

Well, it got hot enough last week to qualify to be called "Summer in March."  I'm talking 80's and 90's.  And it killed sales!  When it starts to get that nice, people blow off inside shopping for the parks and the lake.  To be able to do that this early in the year is unusual, so the shoppers have been pulled away.  Couple that with the fact the landlords and building managers got cought off guard and weren't yet ready to test and prep AC systems, and you end up with lower than normal sales.

I did however sell a china cabinet last week.  Happy dance!

I also set a personal bike riding record to one of my job sites across town.  I made it in 20 minutes on Wednesday!  Tour de France here I come!!!!!

I made the decision last week to move to another booth space in YesterNook.  My sales there have been somewhat less than spectacular all month and I am just tired of trying to fight the long, skinny layout to create something customers want to come into and shop from.  I'm going to be in an upstairs booth starting next month.  While I am dreading the hike up the stairs with merch, the new space is a little bigger and, more importantly square-shaped!  There is also overhead lighting in the room I'm going into, so I won't need my own lamps any more.  All the way around more pluses than minuses.  Hopefully, it will get my sales to the level I want them to be at and keep them there!

In the meantime, in prep for the move, I'm trying a 20% off sale in the booth for this week.  Maybe it will give me less to schlep upstairs on Saturday.

Just a little over 20 more posts to beat 2005!  Woo hoo!

We had to take Kosh to the vet for a recheck on Saturday, so there wasn't a lot time for yard sales.  We managed to make the end of a church sale, though.  More about that one tomorrow.  I did do some thrifting through the week, but nothing special.  Went to Goodwill and didn't even get called a fucker.  We did make it Half-Price Books again yesterday with our 50%-off coupons.  I picked up some more clearance comics and manga there too.  I didn't find anything I wanted for me, even at 50% off, so I used my coupon to get one of the books Keith was interested in, so he got two half-price books! 

It's nice to share!


Roger Owen Green said...

It occurs to me that I probably started reading you in 2005, which is when I started blogging, and if memory serves, you commented about my father's death five years earlier. I always appreciated that.

EM said...

Rog, you may not remember, but this was also around the time that my father died. Your kindness and comments during that time meant a lot to me and were very helpful.