Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Rambles

Okay....let's see:

Cat care arranged for?  CHECK!

Can't go away without making sure the boys will be okay.   My buddy Kosh is one clingy little kitty.

Brother gifts wrapped and in the mail?  CHECK!

I'm actually running early on this one.  Usually, I'm in line at the PO on December 22.

Shopping done?  CHECK!

I might pick another few small things for Keith, but basically, I am done.

Pet-sitting in progress?  CHECK!

Complicating things is the fact that I am not really at home this week.  Just running back and forth between home and the pet-sitting house trying to get things wrapped up.

Lovely Japanese dinner eaten on Friday?  CHECK!

Okay, this wasn't really on the list, but I had to share it, since the meal was so good.  This place makes the greatest tofu salad!

Booth stocked and ready for me to be away for a week?  ON THE WAY TO BEING CHECKED OFF

I need to make a couple of visits this week to get things really locked down, but it'll be ready when we leave.

Winning Christmas Booth Decorating Contest?  CHECK! 

This wasn't on the list either.  In fact, it came as a total surprise!  I hadn't even really been trying to win.  I was at first, but it seemed like it took me so long to get it together that I didn't think I really had a chance.  My trees sat bare forever.  Then all the big stuff sold and I was at a loss.  It's hard to decorate when your stuff sells, but I didn't want to have anything in my display that was not for sale.  To top it all off, I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to decorating. Or staging my booth.  Or making displays.  Or any of that stuff.  I lucked into this one!  But I'll take it!  A hundred bucks in free rent is nothing to sneeze at!

Choose reading for trip and pet-sitting?  CHECK!

I always pick out more than I can make it through, but I've got some mysteries, comics, and manga ready to go.

House cleaned and ready?  WELL, NOT SO MUCH!

I still have a bunch of stuff to get out of the house and into my storage space.  It kills me that I'm not done, but I finally had to concede that I wasn't going to get everything done.  I'll be off for a couple of weeks after we get back, so there will be more time for taking stuff over.  It's a real bummer not to get everything done.  I never seem to, so you'd think I'd be used to it, but

Secret Project initiated?  CHECK!

Can't talk about this one yet, but something unexpected happened over the weekend.  More details to come!

Christmas cards all scanned?  CHECK!

I'm done with setting up the vintage Xmas card posts, but I still have a few more to write.  I may only get one or two other posts up between now and Saturday when we leave.  

So how are your week before Christmas and/or your travel plans shaping up?


Shara said...

Congratulations on wining the contest - now that is a great idea for a flea market to have a contest like that for the Vendors. I might have to suggest that to the owners of my place.

Have a safe and happy trip!

Secret Project - Hmmmmmmm??? Also, did you ever get your vehicles moved or fixed or ?

Lynn said...

You must be doing something right if you won the contest!! Good luck in finishing everything on your list - I really know how that goes when you are getting ready to travel........LOL

Judy said...

Congrats on winning the contest! Great prize!