Friday, December 13, 2013

Your Vintage Christmas Card of the Day

Christmas is a holiday with some very ancient roots, whether we look at the development of the holiday as a religious celebration, as family units, as societies, or even consider the roots that go back further to other cultures and times.  

As technology as developed and progressed, some of the trappings and traditions associated with Christmas may seem to some to be obsolete.  Christmas candles are a good example.  In this era of electricity and neon and wireless transmission, do we really need candles?  

Well, we might not need them, but it's hard to imagine Christmastime without seeing a few.  Part of the romance of the holiday is the nostalgia it stirs up in all of us--the memories of holidays past, family times, things we used to do, people who are no longer with us.  For me, candles are a symbol of that nostalgia.

When I was a kid, we lived in Germany for a while, because Dad was stationed there.  We lived in military housing, which had pretty strict rules about what you could and could not do in your apartment.  I remember the move out inspections nearly killing my mother, as she had to make sure everything was washed down from ceiling to floor, all the hardwood floors were refinished, and get everything packed up for the move back to the states.

The restrictions even extended to holiday decorations.  Trees had to be artificial and no lights were allowed on them.  We had an aluminum tree (which I loved), but Mom felt it was missing something without the lights.  She bought a bunch of candles with clip holders and put them on the tree instead.  Even though we could not light them, it made her feel better about the tree.  I remember her telling us that candles were used on trees before electricity.

For me, candles will always be a part of Christmas, because they remind me of my mother.  Here are some cards that fit in with the theme:

I love the soft pastels on this card.  It makes the candles almost seem to glow.

Lots of embossing on this card.

I love the MCM designwork here.  Mod, yet traditional!

This one has some condition issues, but it has to be my favorite of this batch.  The unusual soft gray background, the smoke lettering, and the soft shadows are kind of a magical combination.  I get a "classic animation" vibe off of this one and that makes me really happy.

There's even an extra one on the inside!

This one is just a treasure of scalloped edges, embossing, and color!

And on the inside, a tiny little surprise!  Do you see it?

Wee little Wise Men on their camels!  Don't you love it?  I do!

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Shara said...

That is a sweet story about your Mom and the candles. That must be a happy memory for you. Glad you have these cards to help with that memory!