Monday, December 09, 2013

Monday Scrambles!


How did it get to be December 9?  That's almost the 10th, which is almost the 15th, which is almost the 20th, which is the day before the 21st, which is when we leave for Arkansas!  Estimation is deadly!

I still have soooooo much to do.  We finished shopping yesterday (mostly).  I got everything for my brother's family, anyway.  Now I need to wrap it and get it all in the mail.  One more thing to do!  Just great!

I still have tons to move to the booth storage, but I have to stop for a couple of days, because if I don't get that space more organized, I won't be able to get anything in it.  Someone bought my last tree yesterday, so I have to redo my display.  Overall, it's selling very slowly.  My gift items aren't selling at all.  All my wrapping paper is gone.

The Peddlers Mall is having its vendor open house on Saturday--one more thing to do!  But at least there will be food!  We had our holiday festival for shoppers this past Saturday....and got tanked by the weather.  Our poor Santa was wandering around looking bored.  I did get a lot of work done over there that day since it was so slow.

Saturday is also the day I go pet sit for a week---one more thing to do!  I'll be running home a lot because I'll need to get laundry done and things packed for us to leave.

We got blasted by the same weather everyone else got over the weekend.  It was cold and nasty.  I didn't have to work on Monday, but I'll have to make that class up--one more thing to do!  I did appreciate staying inside for a day and working on stuff at home.

Tomorrow, I have my first follow up at the cancer center--one more thing to do!  That means I'll be going in late to work, which means I have to get everything ready for tomorrow today.


I'm not sure about blog posts for a while---too many other things to do.  I've got vintage cards set for every day, so there will at least be those.  When I can get something else up, I will.  It may not be Christmassy.  It may not be coherent.  It may not be pretty.  But you can keep checking back to monitor the progress of my breakdown.

It's the hap-happiest season of all!



Shara said...

Yea Arkansas! Woohooooo! Where is it again that you go? I forget. I hope it warms up a bit so the roads are safe wherever you go. I have been housebound for 5 days. It's not so bad being home, but not being able to go OUT is awful. You stay safe!

Judy said...

Take it easy, Eddie. Enjoy your holiday and travel safely.

Shelley said...

I'm right there with ya! Except now it's the 11th and haven't even started shopping! I'm much more into baking and other things...anything, right now! Take care!