Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Your Vintage Christmas Card of the Day

Today features the second little diecut wonder from my stash.  This one is wonderfully simple, just like a classic children's pop-up book.

We start off with a sweet Victorian scene.  Gotta love the fur trim on her dress!  Can't you feel the chilly winter winds and blowing snow?  Isn't that a rather large lantern hanging in that tree?  I bet the inside of that house is awfully warm and cozy.

Now, let's lift that small flap on the left and see what happens....

 The front door opens to reveal the residents happily waiting to welcome their visitors into their richly decorated parlor!  Come in!  Come in!

Isn't the overall effect just too, too cute?

And on the back, a view from afar.

1 comment:

Lynn said...

It's darling! I love the old cards. I have some of my grandma's valentines from when she taught school in the 30's. Thanks for the smile!