Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Your Vintage Christmas Card of the Day

One of my favorite topics:  Christmas Kitties!

Sweet little Christmas Angel all pooped out from her duties rests in her chair.  Who joins her in a nap?  Her special kitty!  Of course a sweet little Christmas Angel would have a kitty!  Love the details on the chair back!

 Kittie like to nap!  This one wore herself out wrapping (or maybe unwrapping?) presents!  This card has such lovely flocking on it, which came through really well on the scan.

Sweet little litter with their Christmas collars send a playful greeting.  This one is my favorite of today's batch!  I bet this bunch has a lot of fun running through the house, climbing the tree, knocking ornaments off, playing with ribbon.  Forget little kids!  You've never really had Christmas until you've done it with a kitten.

Extra bonus for being a skinny card.  I love skinny cards!

This is the inside of that card.  The lettering makes me think of little kitty scratches.

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