Friday, December 06, 2013

You know what's fun?

Finding vintage books about the rhythm method!  That's what's fun!

Love the logo!

The full title!

Every corner heard from!

It's even got cool, tipped in charts!


And somewhat suggestive drawings!

Well, I thought it was fun!


New York Erratic said...

Awesome. I love that kind of weird stuff.

(Sometimes it's actually fascinating to read.)

Shara said...

That is fun. I have a book all about diseases of the eyeballs. It's in German, so I can't read it, but there are some photos in there that will just burn right into your brain if you look at them long enough. Puss! Drainage! Swelling! Leaking! ACK!

Shelley said...

Oh Lord! When I saw the title in My Feedly I didn't put two and two together. My husband and I had to sit through a "lecture" about this when we took pre-cana classes before we were married. Both raised Catholic...not practicing.

Judy said...

Ah! So THAT'S how it happens. ;-) great book!