Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finally, the finds!

Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes for Keith.  He had a good birthday, for sure and was tickled by both the blog post yesterday and the responses.

I finally have the pics of the finds from this weekend.  There's one box of stuff that I cannot find right now.  Don't you hate it when that happens?  Oh well.

I was anticipating a slow day.  People just don't do yard sales on the day of the big fireworks show.  True to form, there weren't very many, but it's quality and not quantity that counts in this business.

My favorite sale was the one that was run by a teenager, a young man about 16 or so.  He said his mother had gone to bed (!) and left him in charge.  As far as he was concerned, the stuff was there to be gotten rid of, so he was giving great prices!

Another sale was at the church (!) I used to attend.  I always look forward to this one, but kind of dread it a little too.  For the first few years after I left, there would be someone there who tried to talk me into coming back to the church.  This would make for an awkward experience for everyone.  Nowadays, they seem to accept that they'll see me once a year at the sale and we talk like old friends catching up.  I like that better.

We wrapped things up at an estate sale on half off day!  Love half off day!  And the original prices were really good, so half off was even better!  There was also a lot of good stuff left for half off day.  I think this one was actually family-run, which makes the good prices even more surprising.  Usually the family sales can run pretty high, price wise.

So what did I get?

A box of Bible study guides.  There's a least one for each book of the Bible.  I love the covers that have the colored scrolls on them.

Jesus stuff = Happy Eddie!

Assorted smalls.  The white statue is a commemorative from the 1972 Olympics.  The little soldier/guard dude might have a celluloid face.  Is there any way I can tell for sure?  We need to look closer at that little metal thing on the right.

It looks kind of like a cash register, but it's a math learning thing.  Pull the lever down and different problem pop up.  Solve the problems.

Then lift the little flap and check your work!  I love it!

Folding outdoor side table.  The knot motif makes me think it was used either for camping or sailing.

This got me the Keith eyeroll of the day.  It's larger than it looks in the pics--about two feet across.  Who doesn't want a large wooden box?  I think it would make a good planter.

Knitting needles and thread.  Most of the thread spools are wooden.  They're all bound for jars, once I find my stash.  Those really big white needles intrigue me.  Someone who knits, please tell me what those are used for.

I stashed this in the shed and didn't feel like pulling it out.  It's from the church sale.  This is the back of it where supplies could be stored.  I used to work in professional development and I know what metal rolling podiums like this cost retail.  Three bucks is a steal.  Could not pass it up.

BIG NUDIE KEWPIE!  That's what her price tag is going to say. I'm tempted to make her a skirt out of that string of peppers.

Ignore the Mazda clutter
I also had the chance to go to an out of town Goodwill, where I found this plant stand. I have been looking for one of these babies for a while now.

And now I am all caught up.  For the moment.  If you will excuse me, I have some stuff to price.


Shara said...

Those giant Kewpies are all the rage right now. I bet it would sell for $50.00 on ebay. *side note - I hate it when someone says, "Where do you go to church?" There's an awkward conversation starter no matter which church you name, which religion you say or if you start talking in tongue....:)

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Good stuff Eddie.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

All that is great stuff but I especially like that plant stand! It is wonderful!! Cute naked doll also.

We are: Clamco said...

Oooh I like the rolling podium. No idea why though. I'm going to a big church sale on Saturday. It starts at 6 am. I can't wait! Belated happy birthday wishes to Keith!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

First happy belated to Keith! Good finds. I have a couple of those big to sell and one to keep.

Marci said...

Great finds! Love that metal adding toy. So unique. And the plant stand is great. Those sell for a lot here. Happy birthday to Keith!!

Marci said...

Also, I don't knit but I have lots of friends that do, I think they are huge knitting needles.

Donna Wilkes said...

Spice Pepper would be a great stripper name for the Kewpie. The math machine is quite the find, but love the round plant stand. I always buy big, wooden boxes.

Maureen said...

Broomstick lace uses large needles like those.

Judy said...

I'm woefully behind on reading posts! Life sometimes get in the way of important things. Great finds, Eddie. I remember using those knitting needles in the 60s. They were used for making sweaters. Very loose, big stitches.