Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Rambles

I am about to utter blasphemy.  Gasp!

I wish that damn horse race would hurry up and get here so I can go back to selling shit.  I'm freaking dying here!  Sheesh!

At least, Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday.  I am planning to go to four different comic shops.  Yay!

I made the mistake the other day of turning on the bathroom faucet a little so that Chiquito could play in the water and I could have some peace while I did my business meditated on world affairs.  Now he expects it every time some one goes in the bathroom.  Sigh!

Apparently, this is the day I end every short little thought or paragraph with an exclamation of some type.  Oh Boy!

That last one was sarcasm, if you couldn't tell.  Really?

That was more of a question than an exclamation.  Oops!

Okay, I'll stop now.  This might be a good time to remind everyone that these posts are called "Monday Rambles" for a reason.

I go back tomorrow for treatment #2.  I still have a few rashy patches, so I'll ask about a cream for them.  (Thanks, Joy for that good idea!)  The biggest problem I'm having is this drug is playing havoc with my blood sugar.  My primary care doctor and I are trying to get that back under control, but it's tough.   My thyroid levels are also low, which is another effect of this medicine.  I guess I'll be going on something for that.

It rained most of Saturday morning, but there were a good handful of indoor sales, so we pressed on.  I even remembered the Mazda shot.  I spent Sunday trying to pull my booths back from the brink of disaster.  I'm probably going back today to finish up.  I might light one of my Saint Jude candles when I am there.  Couldn't hurt.  I wonder who the patron saint of re-sellers is?

Seriously, I've had one good sales day in the past week.  I'm still selling stuff every day, so that's something.  It also looks like I'll at least make the low end of my monthly goals, although it was doubtful for a moment.  I just hate to see all this good stuff and treasures sitting around unpurchased.  Well, Derby is Saturday, so maybe things will pick up after that.

Also, I had a good day at Goodwill last week:

Hey Bay-bee!

I've never found one of those mouse banks in such good shape before.  You can hardly tell for that mess of red hair, but he even still has his hat.  Usually, they're naked and beat up and the seller wants one of your kidneys for them.

I'm becoming rather fond of the Southern Indiana Goodwills.  They rotate the colors of their tags, which means there's always a color that's half-off.  Small furniture is usually well-priced.  (There are exceptions to this.)  Plus, they have a frequent buyer program which allows you to get your card stamped for every ten dollars you purchase.  After ten stamps, you get ten dollars off!   The Kentucky stores could take a few lessons here, I think.  The Saint Vincent de Paul stores here do the rotating color discount thing, and I think the Goodwills might lose out on some business because of it.  I know I prefer the SVDP stores over the GW's on this side of the river.

I'm planning on taking it easy this week after my treatment. The weather is supposed to be lovely all week, so I think I'll do some sitting out back with a book or two.  That sounds nice to me.  If I remember, I'll let you know what I'm reading.


svelteSTUFF said...

The May "patron saint of re-sellers is"... PATRON of Course (with Cinco de Mayo and all ;-)!!) The rest of the time I think it is Bloody Mary's! (no pun intended...)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh the sink faucet for cats is a nightmare. Charlie has enjoyed an occasional drink from the faucet but a few months ago he decided that was the ONLY way he would drink water. He will sit on the counter waiting for me to come in. He will also HOWL at the top of his lungs at me when he wants the faucet on. Yikes!! I've tried a little fountain water thingy but no he wants the sink. I'm a wimp when it comes to him also, so I do it.

Good luck tomorrow and I hope sales pick up soon.

Shara said...

Our shower has a perpetual drip so our big boy, Tiger, only drinks from it. We have to keep the door open, which is a pet peeve of mine (you can see the soap scum that I need to clean...). We should get the drip fixed, but then what would he do??? It's still more dignified than a dog drinking out of the toilet! Exclamation point! My salwes have tanked the last few days. I did....wait for it......$2.00 weekend. TWO DOLLARS! ugh.

Donna Wilkes said...

We had a cat once who could turn on the faucet to get water, but neglected to learn how to turn it off! My blood sugar is off the chart from the bout of food poisoning! We are hundreds miles from the DERBY, but still there are numerous DERBY events! Love your finds!!!!!!!!!!

rush said...

We live in Leland, NC, and the Goodwill here has little on the shelves, but the prices are great. We went to the Richmond, VA area on Saturday. Their prices are extremely high, and the shelves are loaded. Is there no happy medium?

We also have a cat or two who must drink from the bathroom faucet. My wife turns it on during her morning routine, so that's ok, but I have to go out of my way to turn it on and wait for the cat to finish, otherwise, I will forget to turn it off! Sometimes, I just cut him off.