Friday, April 24, 2015

Fun Finds: Circus Poster

During the closing of my beloved Dixie Peddlers Mall, I had the opportunity to obtain an awful lot of free stuff from vendors that didn't want to move it.  In my booth right now, there is a loveseat and a drop leaf table that were given to me by different vendors.  One of my favorite gifts is this:

The poster itself is vintage and the image is actually on both sides.  The frame is solid wood, with a wood back panel.  It's heavy.

One of the vendors by me was cleaning out his backroom as it got near the end and wheeled this out in a cart with some other items.  It was one of his last loads.  It caught my eye right away, but I was extremely busy getting stuff boxed up and hauled out.

We talked for a bit and he went on.  He was a pretty good neighbor to me over the years.  Whenever he'd clean his booth out, he'd toss a few cast-offs my way.  Always good stuff.  I used to swap him books and such.

I had been making a pile of boxes out back, waiting for Keith to arrive with the truck we were renting.  He was loading his pick up right beside my pile.  I went back up for another load of boxes, and he came up a few minutes later.  He told me he had left some "presents" for me beside my boxes.  I figured it was going to be some small stuff, but when I went back down later, there was the poster.  He had decided he didn't want to take it with him.

Good neighbors are hard to come by.

PS Is it just me, or does that ringmaster look like Robert Goulet?


svelteSTUFF said...

What a GREAT souvenir of the mall!! Is it a sentimental 'keeper' or is it in the 'release' pile??

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Very cool poster. Ok, I thought it looked like Dick Van Dyke, lol!!

Lynn said...

As long as it doesn't have a clown on it, it's fine, right? Could be either one of those gents!

Judy said...

Wow! Great poster and so generous. Yes, I think it looks like Goulet.