Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On the inside

One of the things that several of you all noted from this week's Mazda shot was "something plaid."  The astute among you will also note that there was nothing plaid in Monday's overly long ramble.  It was something that I held back for a separate post.

Here it is.

I know.  It's just a metal plaid picnic basket.  Nothing special about it really.  Lots of bloggers find them.  The top on this one is a little rough to boot.  Why does this one get its own post?

Those pink plates make me think of someone.
Because of the remnants of the last picnic it went on that I found inside!  Everything is there is vintage.  The date on the newspaper is 1975.  The whole idea is just so sweet that it needed to be shared.  Sometimes you need to be reminded that these items that you're buying to make a little money on once had a life of their own.



Donna Wilkes said...

The plaid picnic tin is wonderful, but it is that bit of history that makes it so special. I love finding things like that.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I like that you remember that these items we love belonged to 'someone' and had a life that needs to be honored. I saw this great china cabinet and while looking through it found a drawer that had not been emptied...just the kinds of things someone would store in there and it kinda makes you realize this was 'someones'. I didn't buy it but I really want too.
PS you know I love PINK and we are STILL waiting on baby girl!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

On and of course I LOVE the plaid picnic tin! :)

Shara said...

PINK. :) Old picnic and party stuff is the best.

I have never found a metal picnic basket. I have been gifted several, but I wonder why I have never found one in all my junking days.

Unknown said...

Those tins are hard to find around here at least! That's a fantastic one too, with the red plaid! Someday, someday I will find one in the wild.

Village Antiiques Mall said...

That was a sweet surprise. A plaid picnic basket would be a HOT seller in my area. Tin too - double bonus. Love the stitch lines painted on.