Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Finds (Well, some of them, anyway...)

I decided to take all of Saturday's purchases right to the Peddlers Mall on Sunday and price them all there, which means the pics were all taken there.  Be prepared for some awkward compositions and perhaps the odd customer arm or leg in a photo.  Sunday was a busy day there.  Well, in every booth but mine.  Grrr.....

I ended up having a "moment" towards the end of the afternoon, which resulted in a bunch of the smalls not getting photographed.  More on that in a moment.

We went to three sales on Saturday--two church sales and a porch sale at a historic house.  The rain pretty much killed everything else.  It happens some times.  The church sales were two of my regulars, typically full of good finds and even better prices.  Apparently, an estate had been donated to one of them this year.  There was a lot more older stuff there than usual.  Unfortunately, it was all priced much higher than normal for this sale.  They had all the estate items set up in a special room.  People were passing through it without buying anything and heading to the room with the bargains. 

At the other sale, we were some of the first ones through the door.  I had a nice stash going at the register before you could say "Bargains!"  I also had the pleasure of pointing out to another vendor (who can be just a tad pushy) that it was my pile he made a beeline for.  I perhaps enjoyed that more than I should.  Perhaps.

Of course, I found some stuff:

The chair was already at my booth.  I was really tickled to find the orchard baskets.  Please don't tell anyone that the legs of that chair are sitting just slightly outside the boundaries of my booth (the black tape lines).

Can't go wrong with a good picnic basket.  I've been finding a lot of these lately.  I love the lid on this one.

I'm also finding a lot of plant stands and racks.  The small one is some kind of retail rack, I think.  It's been painted black.  One of these days, I'll remember to move crap out of the background when I take a shot like this.

This one is a little blurry.  It's also the BC (before cleaning) shot.  Metal drawers and cases?  Yes, please!  That brown thing is the biggest insulator I've ever seen.  The black box has an insurance agent's name on it--I guess for papers?  The FP bus is rough, but it's my mission to rescue all the FP toys I can afford to.  The trash can has already sold.

Finally, a beautiful Amish style hex plate.

And now for the "moment."  I had set up another vignette of smalls for a picture.  It was mainly books, but there were a few other things there as well.  Immediately after setting it up, I began to take it apart, price the items, and place them on my shelves.  It was only when I was nearly done with this process that I stopped and thought:  "Wait.  Did I take the picture?"  A quick check of the camera showed that, no, I had not taken the picture.  But it was too late. 

Sorry, but I'm just not dedicated enough to hunt all that stuff down and recreate the vignette for a picture, only to have to put it all back again.

I know.  I know.

All together now:  BAD JUNK BLOGGER!


Donna Wilkes said...

Want those orchard baskets - need them today. I have tagged items and taken them to the booth without even a tiny thought, "Maybe I should photograph these."

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well at least its all at the booth!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Good stuff, good idea to price in place without the inbetween hauling home/price/reload/haul in steps.

Shara said...

I've done that - forgotten to take the photo after all the work of setting it up. You are smart to take things straight to the booth and not home. My stuff comes home since I have two different booths and the Junk Ranch so some goes here, some goes there, some stay s here - constant junk, junk, junk. That's a good thing, of course!

Judy said...

Aaaaah! METAL BOXES!!!! I love them and have been picking them up every time I see them. Lord knows what I'll ever do with them, but for now I'm hooked. I've displayed a couple, but the rest are in a closet! Love the bushel baskets, too.