Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Fun Finds: Bible Lotto!

I love me some religious items, as you know.  I especially love vintage Sunday School/Church School stuff that teaches Bible stories and the like. The older illustrations and graphics are always so cool to me.  So I was really excited to find this vintage Bible Picture Lotto game at a church sale!  (Can you play Lotto in church?  Isn't that like gambling?)

There's a bit of some schmutzy stuff on the box that I'm afraid will mar the lid if I try to remove it.

The game has six large cards--one for each Bible story--plus six little cards that go on each bug card.  Small kids can match the pictures, while older kids can tell the story using the pictures.

Moses changed clothes from the box top.  Diva.

The sheaves bowing like that look really funny to me.

The golden figure looks kind of like an Oscar!

The loaves and fishes kid looks like Joseph!

Love the Star of David on the crown!

Sadly, there are two of the cards missing.  I think the game will still sell without them.

After I scanned the big cards, I got to playing around with some of the smaller ones and made these scanner collages with my favorites. Enjoy!

Did anyone else notice that David's lion looks different from Daniel's?


Shara said...

That's a great old game. I have a Bible Lotto game, but it's just words on cards. A lot of my family members have Bible names, so I picked it up in hopes of making them something. I have Micah, Noah and Jonah.

Roger Owen Green said...

whatta hoot