Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Rambles

And we're back!

Not sure where to start.  There's a lot going on right now.

Work is a little crazy. I am longing for summer break and it's still weeks away!  Ack!  I've got spring fever so bad it's not even funny. Sigh!

Sales are abysmal right now.  Last week, everything just flat out died.  I've got the April blues!  I'm selling little bits every day, which helps, but not as much as I need to sell.  I'll be paying rent next month for the first time ever at the Peddlers Mall.  Sigh!

I'm just glad that it's more of a reflection of the amount of people shopping right now (very few) as opposed to a reflection on my booth itself.  The place has just been dead lately.  I was there on Saturday during peak hours and there weren't ten shoppers in the place!  April blues.

I will admit I need to do a bit of work on the booth this week.  Maybe that will help, but I doubt it.  I'm going to have a busy Friday, for sure.

Speaking of booths and such, I've (sort of) resolved my quandry, for the moment, at least.  The wall space by my booths that used to hold my religion wall is still open.  I gave it up to take the storage space.  I've rented it again and the one next to it, for the time being.  That will give me a space to park the stuff coming from the other store until it sells down enough that I don't need the extra space any more.  This is not the best time to take extra spaces, but I don't have many other options.  Maybe it will boost my sales during the summer doldrums.  We'll see.

There weren't any yard sales to speak of Saturday, so I slept in.  That was nice.  When we did set out, someone across the street from us set up a small sale, so I bought two small tables.  I still got my fix.

This weekend is my favorite sale of the year. (Or one of them, at least.)  It's one of the few that I will insist on being there right when the door opens.  Tons of stuff.  Excellent prices.  Last year, I bought so much that the organizers brought out a cart for me to push around and put things on!  I think that's a good thing.

Final thought for the week:

I was talking to another vendor on Saturday while he was unloading a truckload he had bought from a house.  It was an interesting mix of stuff and we were commenting on that.  He wheels this granny cart out from the back of the truck.  It's full of half full bags of mulch, potting soil and the like.  He starts pulling the bags out and setting them aside.  I notice one of them and say:  "Dude, is that manure?"  He says: "No it's mulch."  I point out that's not what the bag with the big pic of the cow on it says.

He takes another look, then says:

"Oh man!  I bought shit!"     

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Shara said...

We've all bought sh*t in one form or the other.

Here's a local news story from yesterday:

"Drivers should be careful on Klenc Road for the next few days, police said, because a truck spilled sewer sludge on the road Monday morning.

"It's a couple thousand pounds of human waste," Arthur said.

The spill was to be cleared Monday, but the roadway is expected to remain slippery for a few days."

I will not be going that way for a long, long time.