Monday, April 07, 2014

Monday Rambles

Back to work!  Oh well.  It was good while it lasted.  I only have a session and a half until the school year ends anyway, so it won't be for too much longer.  I'll have reduced hours in the summer again, so I'll have some income, but I'll have time to junk and do other stuff.  My summer schedule is going to be great.  I'll be done by noon every day, with Fridays off.  Yay!

We had a pretty good weekend for yard sales.  Spring is springing!  I'll do a post with more stories about he hunt and pics of the finds tomorrow.  I have to get some shots of stuff at the booth this afternoon.

I spent most of the day yesterday working in the shed out back. I have so much stuff in there that haven't even thought about for ages.  Much of it has been in there since we moved into the house in 2001.  That can only mean one thing;  TIME TO HAVE A YARD SALE!!

The long range forecast looks good for Saturday.  Even more importantly, it looks good for Friday, so I can get everything priced and cleaned up and ready.   I've wanted to have this sale for a couple of weeks now, but was undermined by either a rainy Friday or rainy Saturday.

I spent the afternoon going through boxes and sorting out stuff.  I went through the last of my mother's stuff (which was mostly her books--all of them are going in the sale).  I threw away three huge trash bags of stuff.  I pulled a van load that's headed towards the booths tomorrow, along with two huge bags of donations.  I set aside a mound of stuff for the sale.  And after all that, I made it through maybe one-third of the shed.  I think I may have to have a couple of sales.  The shed is turning into my major summer project.  Good thing I'll have the time to work on it!

Lots of different periods of my life are going into this sale.  There's comic nerd Eddie.  And anime geek Eddie.  And wanna-be Martha Stewart Eddie (that phase never got very far).  Bookworm Eddie is represented.  So is Packrat Eddie.  And Eddie the writer, Eddie the activist, Eddie the young at heart, Eddie the weirdo, along with Pseudo-hippie Eddie, Religious Eddie, College Student Eddie,  Eddie the traveler, Eddie the tourist, and Eddie the uncategorizable.  Writing this sale up for Craigslist is going to be fun.

I am planning for everything to be gone by the end of the sale.  It's all going to be cheap and get cheaper as the day goes on, with free boxes that are going to increase throughout the day as well.  A few things might yet end up in a booth after the sale, but I'd prefer to see it all go away.  My upcoming 50th birthday is filling me with the urge to purge.  I'll try to remember to take pictures.

Last Thursday, I took a day for myself and went out to lunch and a movie.  At the Asian buffet place, I ran into a friend I had not seen in a few years.  We had a lovely lunch and caught up with each other.  Then I saw The Muppets Most Wanted, which I enjoyed quite a bit.  Several parts were laugh-out-loud funny, and there were several little bits thrown in for the longterm Muppet fan, like me.  There were also a few too many places where you could feel the strain of everyone trying just a bit too hard to be entertaining, which made me miss the days when the Muppets seemed so effortless.  One of the things that made The Muppet Movie such a classic was its simplicity.  It's just a jewel of economy in its storytelling and holds up well even today.  None of the movies that have followed it have ever been able to equal that feeling.  Still, Most Wanted was a great way to pass a rainy afternoon!

For a spring break week, booth sales were not too terrible.  They were definitely off from the prime tax season months that just ended, but not as bad as I was fearing.  I stayed in double digits all week, which made me happy.  Most of the days fell short of my sales targets, but nothing hurts a monthly total like a five dollar day!  I was glad not to have any of those.  I even sold that cool bookcase with the built in shelf.

Spring is springing all over the place, and it's time for me to spring along!     

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