Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Rambles

Oh my!  I overslept today!  I've still got plenty of time to get to work, but not so much for the coffee and blogging time.  Oh my!  I need my coffee and blogging time!  Yes, I do.

I guess I'm still worn out from the adventure that was the weekend. 

I spent yesterday at the booth, pricing and putting stuff out from the haul.  It took all afternoon, but I got it all done, plus a little extra.

When sales slow down, I like to slack off on my restocking just a hair.  I'll put out only large objects or only a few new ones to keep everything looking fresh, but  concentrate on shifting the older stuff around to get to move.  After a few days of this, I'll  condense what's left onto a few shelves and slam out an abundance of new stuff.  It's an instant facelift for the booth and can often reinvigorate slow sales periods, like right now.

Last week was slow death, as far as sales were concerned.  I finally dipped into the single digits and could not get out!  It culminated in a day where my total was $1.99, and I took to my fainting couch with the vapors.  Actually, it was more the swoons than the vapors.  And I don't actually have a fainting couch, so I kind of just collapsed in a heap in the floor.  (Note to self:  Find a fainting couch.  It's so much more dignified.)

The weekend, however, turned out to be pretty good sales-wise.  My totals were where I like them to be and I sold some large items.  

Now it's Derby Week, which is the kiss of death for booth sales.  Wednesday, is the Great Steamboat Race, so everyone will crowd to the river to watch and no one will shop.  What steamboats have to do with horse racing, I don't quite understand.  Maybe they put the horses on the boats or something.

Thursday is the Derby Parade, so everyone will go downtown and no one will shop.  At least I get the day off, but I will not be downtown.  I'm not one for huge crowds.  More on my plans in a sec.

Friday is Oaks Day, so everyone will go to the Downs and no one will shop.  Except for those folks preparing for their Derby Parties.  Too bad I don't sell hot dogs and charcoal.

Saturday is (finally) Derby Day, so everyone will be at the Downs or at a arty somewhere, and no one will shop.  I shall console myself at the one annual yard sale that will happen and Free Comic Book Day.

And then it is over.  All I have to do is survive until Mother's Day, and hope sales pick up a tic after that.

As for me, this is what I have going on:

MONDAY:  Work.  Then go to closing store to check on booth and see if anyone has a killer markdown sale going on.  Go to main booth and prep storage room for what is to come.

WEDNESDAY:  Work.  Then go to Peddlers Mall.  Take down my uncle's booth and store his stuff in my room.  He's been sick for a while, but is getting better.  I've tended his space for him since the first of the year, but he has decided to take a break.  I'll take his tables and things to him next week.

THURSDAY:  Spend the day at the closed store breaking down booth and moving everything out.

FRIDAY:   Spend the day at the Peddlers Mall, working on the new set up and taking care of everything that got moved over.


SUNDAY:  Probably back to the Peddlers Mall to finish up.

Tomorrow, I'll regale you with the tale(s) of the sales from Saturday and put up some pics of the finds.  In the meantime, here's a preview:

See ya!

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Organized and VERY busy. Knowing the why for small sales is better than wondering why. My mall has slumps too, and even more when a few of the other resellers have 70% off sales and 50% off sales. I do pick them at 70% though.