Thursday, February 06, 2014

Fun Finds: Coloring Outside the Lines

Some of my favorite things to sell are items which represent other items, but at a much larger or much smaller scale.  I just think they're fun.

Of course this includes all kinds of miniatures, which sell well at both booths, but it also includes things like these large crayons!

They're really banks!  They're not the largest I've sold either.  There is an official Crayola version that is about two feet long!  That's a lot of pennies.

I saw these in a bunch in a thrift a while ago and could not resist them.  I might have even gasped a little when I saw them.  Okay, maybe it was squealing.  I get excited like that.

But really, who wouldn't?

I did have a red one and a blue one, but they've sold.  I waited too long to get pics.  Bad blogger!

But wait?  Did you see something else in that top picture?  Another kind of big crayon, maybe?

Why, yes!  It's a homemade walking stick.  I believe it's cedar, which is appropriate, since it's a red crayon.

Red tip!

Red label!

Red flat end!  (It's been worn off a little through use.)

It's even a Crayola!

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Shara said...

I love that walking stick - I wonder what the history is behind it. Maybe a teacher? A retired Crayola worker? Someone that just liked silly stuff? It's great!