Thursday, February 27, 2014

Green Day Mood

With everything that's been happening:  busy booth work, trying to save a booth that should be working well, car crashing, crappy weather, and such, I find myself humming a lot of Green Day.  It kind of fits my mood these days.  Feel free to join in:

I think that one is just as apropos now as it was when it was written.

That one could be considered the unofficial theme song of this blog!

I dyed my hair that color one summer.  Been wondering if I should do it again.  Scraggly graying goatee and all.

That whole album kept me sane when it came out.  I was going through a really rough time. That's also the disc that this song is on.  The whole thing was really cathartic for me.

That's always been one of my favorite Green Day songs, but that album is not considered one of their successes.  I liked it, but apparently no one else did.  I guess that should be a warning.

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Roger Owen Green said...

American Idiot seems SO applicable this week!