Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Recent (Mostly Weekend) Finds

So before the night of undeserved automotive destruction, we had a pretty good day of hitting the sales.  Two estate sales and a church sale (the first for the year) yielded a whole passel of finds.

This isn't all of them, but it is pretty representative.  There are a couple of items that I'm saving for posts of their own.

Painted high chair.   I took some flack from Keith for this one, but I think someone will see some potential in it and buy it for another re-do.  It's got potential as a plant stand or as doll furniture.  I snag old high chairs from restaurants when I can find them and sell them as doll high chairs.  I've flipped a couple that way.

Besides, I can't resist the dinosaurs, man.  The dinosaurs.

Proving that it's not too early to think about the holidays, I got this pair of small trees with lights.

I like to sell this size tree and couldn't find any last year.  They don't take up a lot of room and I can work quite a few into a display without it seeming overcrowded.  They've been priced and stored away.

I need another big old stack of books like I need to gain fifty more pounds, but the church was selling them eight for a dollar!  Most of them are vintage, plus there are several Bibles and hymnals in the stack.  I sell lots of Bibles and hymnals.  That small stack in front is a batch of vintage religious booklets on various topics.  The cover graphics are awesome, so look forward to seeing Your Vintage Religious Booklet of the Day  in a few weeks, once I get them all scanned. (That reminds me that I have a few--very few--vintage Valentines that I'll be scanning for next week.)

Among the hymnals was this one, which is the one the churches I grew up in used.  It replaced the old Broadman Hymnal, which had a green cover.  Lots of churches did what mine did and moved the Broadmans to the basement to use on Fellowship Night and put the new ones in the sanctuary.

I also found this great DVD in with the books.  I already have my own copy, so this one is in the booth already.  I highly recommend it.  It features Claymation style animated versions of several James Weldon Johnson poems.  If you are not familiar with his work, you should look it up.  It's quite moving.  I used to recite The Creation as part of my high school speech and drama team.  Some of the narration is by James Earl Jones, so you know it's good. 

Vintage Fuller Brush man letter opener.  You can almost make out the Fuller logo in the bottom photo.  I thought this was pretty cool.  Looking it up on eBay, I discovered that these come in a variety of colors, some of which sell decently.  This, of course, is not one of them.  I know Shara will want to add one of these to her list, because they did make a pink one.

More hymnals.  This time from an estate sale.

Vintage can for letters.  It was probably part of a desk/office set.  Everyone has seen trash cans that matched this look.  Remember writing letters?  If it's a pre-internet item, then it has to be vintage!

Assorted smalls.  I love old trophies and awards and these bowling trophies are too cute.  That clipboard in the back is really cool.  The little cup in the middle is a magnetic bobby pin holder.  I know this because there is a sticker inside that says so.

These lovely icons were a real find for me.

Doesn't everyone need a gavel or two?

I used to love this show.  Robert Urich was probably one of my first secret teen celebrity crushes.  What a man.  I cannot believe this baby has never been opened.  There was no way I was leaving this one behind!

Hadley pottery.  I love the markings inside the measuring cup.

Never pass up Mickey Mouse.

 There's really only one thing to say about this one.  

And, finally, a carved walking stick.  I got another one as well, but it's going to be part of another post.  All in all, it wasn't a bad day, up until the you-know-what happened.

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thrift envy. Great haul. Love a good Church Sale.

Shelley said...

That's an incredible haul! Love the Robert Urich...I had a crush on him, too! The book title that stood out to me? Stairway to Hell...that will grab your attention!

Shara said...


My Mom used to sell Fuller Brush stuff when I was either first born or she was pregnant with me. I forget.

Hope last night was FUN!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well up until the 'you know what' it looks like you had a great time. Love all the books and the Hadley ware is some of my favorite! Thanks for sharing your finds at TTF!

Heidi Ann said...

I loved Dan Tanna, too. :)