Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Rambles

We're supposed to warm up this week and get lots of rain.  I don't care about the rain. As soon as we can see the sidewalks, I shall ride my bike in my underwear through the downpours and take pictures and post them on Facebook.  Then, I shall put my clothes on and go thrifting.  If you should see me, you'll recognize my by the wet hair and the delirious warm weather grin on my face.

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day.  We did.  We stayed in, because it was snowing and icing and such, and nI cooked.  It was low key, but very, very nice. 

I didn't realize until after it was posted, but somehow in the course of editing, I accidentally deleted one of my "100 Things I Love About Being a Junker."  It was supposed to be #17 and serve as a companion to #16, which was "Buying Junk from Kids."  I'm going to include it here, since I would hate for it not to be shared:

16a.  Selling Junk to Kids.  That was one of my favorite stories last year and I wanted to share it again.  Eddie-torial Comments regrets the error.  To further drive the point home, I was at the Peddlers Mall the other day talking to one of the other vendors when this kid comes up and asks if we know where there are any Nerf shooters for sale.  We kind of point him in a direction and then he shows us the one he's already found and says:  "Score!  This one is only 10 cents and it works!"  he walks off and I look at the other vendor and say:  "That's what it's all about man.  I've been that kid."

Sales were through the roof at Peddlers Mall this weekend.  I was totally psyched.  Tax season is now upon us, for sure.  I stopped by there Saturday to drop off my estate sale purchases, and the assistant managewr told me that she had "been ringing my number up all day."  I did close to $100!

Still working on the other place.  Took a HUGE load over there Saturday.  The booth is finally starting to look like something that belongs to me.  There are still some holes, but it's much, much fuller.  I need to find my pegboard hooks, because I've got an idea for some cool shelving.  I also took a ton of pics and I'm planning to Craigslist the hell out of everything in there this week.

Speaking of estate sales, I went to two of them on Saturday.  I only bought a few things, but they were kind of special.

What's inside this awesome vintage Xmas box?

An even awesomer bunch of vintage cards!
The cards are for every occasion and no occasion at all.  All of them are blank.  Look for lots of random card posts for the rest of the year.  There are some fabulous ones in there!  I've got a lot of scanning to do! 

I need to clean this tray, but I didn't have the right stuff to do it in my storage room.  I love the way the different drinks are marked off.

I got a San Francisco fan, too, but it's not as nice!

I totally love that vintage step ladder.  The hinges are retro red!

And it still has its original shipping tag on it! I bought that yellow table too.

I realized what a total doofus I am when I was working at the second booth.  I have these letters that are designed to be cool wall hangings.  I'm down to the really odd letters, so I've not sold any in a while.  I took them to the new space to see what would happen and realized this:

I should have used them for a Valentines theme!  Doh!  Of course, they're not red or pink, so that probably would not have worked.  (And I am so not one to be priming and painting and such.)  Actually, due to the weather, I could never get what little Valentines Day stuff I have out of my shed to take to the booth.  There's always next year, I guess.  I did find some cool boxed valentines at a thrift and sold most of them.  They were 90's cartoons like Duck Tales, TMNT, etc.  Way cool.

Gotta run!  Look for posts all week!


Roger Owen Green said...

Get enough X's and O's and you can play tic-tac-toe!

Shelley said...

Despite the slight warm-up, that would still be a very chilly, wet ride! That's awesome that your sales are picking up. After seeing your tray, I'll be hearing the song, "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" in my head all day...thank you very much!