Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Seen While Thrifting

This is just a bunch of oddball pics from my recent thrifting runs.  None of them were blog-worthy on their own, but together....well...  See for yourself!

I took this pic in honor of Macklemore's Grammy win.

Guilt.  The newest theft deterrent. 

That bit about "opening the door" sounds a little bit creepy, huh?

Here's some stuff I didn't buy on my trip to the antique mall.  (Mainly because I couldn't afford them!)

Who wouldn't want a giant ICEE cup??

I've always loved penguins!

Totally in love with this cast iron cross!  Seriously.

This fellow frightens and fascinates me.

Pardon me, Sir?  Which way is the restroom?  Thanks!

By the way, why do you only have three toes on each foot?

Omigosh!  Someone donated their altar!

This is huge, honkin' coffee table all ceremonially painted
Or maybe Mom got mad after she saw what Junior did to the coffee table and pitched it out.

I've got my doubts about the efficacy of any ceremonies conducted here.

I'm not really up on these kinds of protocols, but I do think spelling counts.

Finally, courtesy of the men's room wall in the store where my newest booth is, these words of wisdom to live by.  (Well for us dudes anyway!)

Yes, it was written above the urinal.


We are: Clamco said...

I've seen that exact same penguin in a gift shop here and admired it. I love the cross and the three toed guy. That sign is great but people that shoplift prob have no guilt so it may not work for them. The table is super strange. Fun post!

Shara said...

The giant ICEE Cup would have tempted me SO much. It seems like it would be right up your alley too, so it must have been pricey.

Lynn said...

Yes, some of those are just plain odd. You never know what you will see for sale sometimes! I like the cast iron cross, too. I agree with Lorraine, shoplifters won't even see that sign!