Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What the Hell?

The air is not on at the Peddlers Mall just yet.  The property management folks won't be cutting it on for a couple of weeks yet.  It's a good sized building, with pretty poor air circulation, so it's really warm in there, even though it hasn't gotten that hot here yet.

I would break out into a sweat while standing still in a snowstorm, so I was pretty drippy on Sinday while I was working, even though I was mainly sitting down and pricing things.

And then I look up and see this across the mall:

And I think to myself:

"Am I having heat stroke related visions 
or did someone really bring in a 
midget Santa during Derby?"


Shara said...

I noticed that Santa in your pictures, but I had HOPED that you took them at the rummage sale. Oh well, HO HO HO!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

OK, weird. Santa just when the heat is getting obnoxious.